The power of the crowd to help you
  • Increase Coverage
  • Faster, better and more effective results.
  • Run real world tests on real devices Gather the power of the crowd to increase coverage and get faster, better and more effective results.
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What’s not to love?
TestXtra’s managed crowd testing services is the key delivery solutions, allowing you to run more tests on real devices by real testers in real world environments, leveraging localization, usability and compatibility testing and solicit real user experience feedback.
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Fragmentation Coverage
The crowd enables you to get the coverage you need, to cover every device , every browser, every OS version, every region , every carrier/network, and every language you require, merely by asking to cover that range. We have access to millions of testers using over 40 different platforms, all testing in the – wild with real devices and real world conditions, not simulators. Testing complements traditional testing, making the product more predictable with the wider coverage.
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Why Choose TestXtra for Managed Crowd Testing Services?
TestXtra has been one of the Innovative crowdsourced testing service providers to clients around the globe. Choosing us as a testing partner comes with its own benefits:
  • We operate with a large managed crowd testing team consisting of talent from across the globe. If required, we can hold the testing in dedicated centers and in a controlled environment as well.
  • Clients are given the liberty to pick their own crowd of beta testers based on age, domain, region, gender, etc. and even have live video interactions with them. Our processes are completely secure and confidential as each individual tester signs an NDA before testing.
  • We follow a stringent two level validation process where the defects are logged into a bug tracking tool and reports are generated for our client’s perusal.
  • We provide high-quality managed crowd testing services at cost-effective prices and within a quick turnaround time.
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